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If you are looking for a unique and memorable holiday experience in Ireland, you might want to consider staying at Carraigin Castle, also known as Cargin Castle, near Headford in Galway. This 13th century castle is not only a historical treasure, but also a comfortable and charming accommodation that can host up to 18 guests.

Carraigin Castle was built in 1238 by Adam Gaynard III, a grandson of a Norman adventurer who participated in the colonisation of Ireland by the De Burgo conquerors. The castle was never used as a fortress, but rather as a home for the landowners who ruled over the surrounding area. The castle has a distinctive church-like structure, with a nave, chancel and transept, and features a large hall with an open fireplace, a kitchen with an old bread oven, and seven bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms.

Towards 1650, another military adventurer, George Staunton, acquired “the castle and lands of Cargin”, which his descendants continued to own until 1946. By, then, the castle had long been abandoned. Stripped of its roof in the early 18th century, Carraigin’s relatively recent upper storeys and finer stonework were demolished and burned to make lime for the construction of the nearby Georgian mansion which replaced it. However, the solid masonry core of the original 13th Century building had been constructed with such skill that it weathered centuries of neglect, surviving as a romantic, ivy-covered ruin until, in 1970, the castle was restored to its original form and purpose.

In 1970, the castle was purchased by the current owner, who restored it with great care and respect for its original character. Today, Carraigin Castle is a listed building and a protected monument, and offers its guests a rare opportunity to experience living in a medieval manor house.

The castle is surrounded by seven acres of lawns, park and woodland, and overlooks the beautiful Lough Corrib, one of Ireland’s largest lakes, famous for its brown trout and its multitude of picturesque islands. Guests can enjoy boating and fishing on the lake, walking, riding and sightseeing all over Galway and Mayo, or just relaxing by the open hearth and admiring the charm and simplicity of this ancient dwelling.

Carraigin Castle is an ideal place for family gatherings or close friends who want to share a relaxed and authentic atmosphere. For more information and booking details, you can visit their website. If you are looking for a holiday that combines history, nature and comfort, Carraigin Castle is the perfect choice for you. You will not regret spending some time in this magical place that will transport you back to the medieval times.


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Carraigin Castle



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