Ballymulfaig Castle was one of the many tower houses that dot the landscape of County Galway in Ireland. The castle is believed to have been built by the O’Shaughnessy clan in the 15th or 16th century, and that it was part of their extensive territory in the barony of Kiltartan. Today, only fragments of the castle and its surrounding bawn wall remain, but they still offer a glimpse into the history and culture of this region.

Tower houses were a common type of fortified residence in medieval and early modern Ireland. They were usually four or five stories high, with a single room on each floor connected by a spiral staircase. The ground floor was often used for storage, while the upper floors served as living quarters, kitchens, and guest rooms. The top floor, or battlements, provided a vantage point for defense and communication. Tower houses were surrounded by a bawn wall, which enclosed a courtyard and sometimes additional buildings such as stables or barns.

Ballymulfaig Castle was likely built by the O’Shaughnessy’s, a powerful Gaelic family that traced their ancestry to the legendary king Guaire Aidne mac Colmáin. The O’Shaughnessy’s were loyal to the Earls of Clanricarde, who were descended from the Anglo-Norman de Burgo family. The O’Shaughnessy’s controlled much of south Galway and west Clare, and were renowned for their military prowess and patronage of poets and musicians. They also had a close relationship with the nearby Coole Estate, which was owned by the Gregory family and later became a hub for the Irish literary revival.

Ballymulfaig Castle and its history is not well-known, but it still deserves attention as a part of Galway’s rich heritage. It is a testament to the resilience of the O’Shaughnessy’s and their descendants, who maintained their identity and culture despite centuries of political and social upheaval. It is also a reminder of the beauty and diversity of Galway’s landscape, which has inspired generations of artists and writers.


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Ballymulfaig Castle



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