If you are looking for a unique and historic place to visit or stay in Galway, you might want to check out Ballindooley Castle. This is a restored Norman tower house that dates back to the late 15th century and has a rich and fascinating history.

Ballindooley Castle is located on the N84 road, about 6 km north of Galway city. It is believed to have been built by the De Burgo (Burke) family, who were powerful Anglo-Norman lords in the west of Ireland. The castle was first recorded in 1574, when it was owned by Redmond Regough Burke, a rebel leader who fought against the English crown.

The castle has witnessed many events and changes over the centuries. It was shelled by the British gunboat Helga in 1916, during the Easter Rising, when Irish rebels were supposed to gather there to march on Galway city. It was also used as a refuge for Ukrainian families who fled the war in their country in 2021.

The castle was vacant for nearly 200 years until it was restored in 1989 by a local businessman, who added some modern features and amenities to make it habitable. It was sold again in 2016 to Barry Haughian, an architect from Northern Ireland, who opened it as a bed and breakfast and a venue for weddings and events.

Ballindooley Castle is a stunning example of medieval architecture, with its four-storey tower, crenellated parapets, narrow windows and spiral staircase. It also has a beautiful garden and overlooks Ballindooley Lake, which was once part of the castle’s defence system.

If you want to experience the charm and history of Ballindooley Castle, you can book a room or a tour on the website. Experience the castle’s serene atmosphere and hospitality, and learn more about its fascinating past and present as you live like a modern day King or Queen.


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Ballindooley Castle



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