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Roundstone Connemara Pony, Dog & Sheep Show - Visit Galway

Roundstone Connemara Pony, Dog & Sheep Show 2023

If you are looking for a fun and family-friendly event in Galway, Ireland, you might want to check out the Roundstone Connemara Pony, Dog & Sheep Show. This annual event showcases the best of Irish rural life and culture, with competitions, exhibitions and entertainment for all ages.

The Roundstone Connemara Pony, Dog & Sheep Show is held at Farrell’s Field in Roundstone, a picturesque village on the west coast of Ireland. The showground is surrounded by stunning scenery and offers a great view of the Atlantic Ocean.

The main attraction of the show is the Connemara Pony Show, which features 20 in-hand classes for different ages and types of Connemara ponies. Connemara ponies are a native breed of Ireland, known for their hardiness, versatility and gentle temperament. They are popular for riding, driving and jumping, and have a distinctive grey or dun coat.

The show also includes a Dog Show and a Sheep Show, where you can see various breeds of dogs and sheep competing for prizes and trophies. You can also enjoy live music, food stalls, craft stands and children’s activities throughout the day.

The Roundstone Connemara Pony, Dog & Sheep Show is organized by a dedicated and hard-working committee, with the support of the Irish Shows Association and many generous sponsors and volunteers. The show aims to promote and preserve the rural heritage and traditions of Ireland, as well as to provide a fun and enjoyable day out for locals and visitors alike.

The show takes place on the 9th July, 2023.

If you love animals, nature and culture, don’t miss this opportunity to experience a unique and authentic Irish event. The Roundstone Connemara Pony, Dog & Sheep Show is a must-see for anyone visiting Galway or looking for a memorable day out with family or friends.

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09 Jul 2023

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